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Restoring Oral Health with Your Nearest Best Dentist in Fremont, CA

Last August 13, 2013, the Times Herald-Record featured an article on its website that spoke of how dental implants can improve the health of a patient. Typically considered as cosmetic additions, dental implants help those with damaged or lost teeth appear otherwise. Chewing and talking, which can feel awkward with dentures, can feel much more natural with the use of implants. Their high rate of success among patients makes dental implants an enticing option for those with critically-compromised teeth.

According to a study by the Center for California Health Workforce Studies, 20 percent of the state was experiencing a shortage of dentists. While the number and distribution of dentists have surely changed since the survey, this fact should alert Californians that they can never take dental heath for granted, but need to actively maintain it. If possible, residents should visit the professional they personally believe is the best dentist in Fremont, California for their oral health needs.

The article explores the effectiveness of installing dental implants, which basically involves coupling artificial teeth onto metal posts grafted directly into the jaws of the patient. Unlike dentures, which can typically be removed and look noticeably artificial, implants are firmly anchored and are virtually indistinguishable from normal teeth. They could also last a lifetime if the recipient’s bones and gums stay healthy.

Later, the article highlights the high rate of success in dental implant surgeries; most operations are 95 percent successful, and the feasibility of the operation is dependent on the conditions of one’s jaw, irrespective of age. Thus, even seniors can have implants, provided they meet the criteria. Dental implants work best with those who have sound oral hygiene, good gums, and enough bone to support the titanium posts. The entire process takes two visits to the dental office, and heals within four to six months, but the desired results will last for life.

While it may sound like a space-age procedure performed in advanced laboratories, getting dental implants in Fremont, CA is a lot simpler than one might think. Patients need to seek out dentists who are qualified in such procedures, most of which are licensed periodontists. These specialists conduct thorough evaluations of their patients to determine eligibility for the procedure before anything else.

Dental implants trump dentures due to their strength, comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Indeed, those who have switched from dentures to implants have never looked back. Those who need to fill in a couple of missing teeth might want to give dental implants a try.


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