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Bringing Smiles Back with a Little Help from a Fremont Dental Office

Bringing Smiles Back with a Little Help from a Fremont Dental OfficeAn article written by Marie McCullough for the philly.com website last August 11, 2013 detailed the successful reconstruction of a man’s lower jaw. The patient, Daniel Smith, was a Haitian native suffering from an impairing jaw tumor that could endanger his life. However, thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson University Hospital, as well as donations from various benefactors, he was able to pull through and gain a new set of teeth.

While any Californian would dread losing his teeth, poor oral health among many state residents aggravates conditions which can lead to permanent tooth loss. Of course, brushing alone won’t save teeth when they’re about to come off. Should a couple of molars (or more) come loose, patients can always rely on a Fremont dental office, like Dr. Sheila Dobee’s, to restore missing dentition.

McCullough’s article recounts Smith’s ordeal and the procedure that gave him a new set of teeth. Due to the critical state of his diseased jaw, the entire lower row of teeth and gums was surgically removed from Smith’s mouth. Dentures weren’t an option for Smith. The surgeons reconstructed his lower jaw using connective tissue and skin from his leg. Titanium posts were then fitted to this new mandible to support dental implants to complete his lower dentition. Tooth implants are artificial teeth fashioned to match the patient’s own teeth, and attached firmly onto the posts that the dentist permanently embeds in the bones of the patient’s jaws.

Smith’s operation was a resounding success, and regarded as a breakthrough in reconstructive surgery. However, Smith requires a few more procedures to complete the treatment and attain full functionality, especially since his unique condition made routine implant procedures inapplicable, His doctors aim to fit his jaw with a durable frame made from palladium and gold.

As in Smith’s case, no dental complication is ever too difficult for qualified periodontists to deal with, which is why people should put more trust in these professionals. Fremont family dental practices are geared up to save or restore the teeth of any man, woman, or child. Of course, dental professionals constantly preach on the need for preventive care through good oral hygiene.

Smith’s decayed teeth may not be a regular affliction among Americans, but similar conditions can manifest in those with poor health practices. Folks should learn to take care of their teeth properly, and should religiously observe a schedule of visits to their dentists for check-ups and cleaning. Brushing and flossing is essential, but can only do so much for one’s teeth.

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