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Getting Awkward Stares at Work? Try Visiting a Dentist in Fremont, CA

Getting Awkward StaresSome people may want to refrain from smiling or simply showing their teeth, especially if they want to keep their jobs! According to a UK study published in a Real Business news article, 44 percent of business executives say that they find it hard to promote an employee who has bad teeth and/or breath. Business people themselves don’t fare better, as shown in the study’s findings that 30 percent of these workers don’t floss their teeth before coming to work!

While these studies were made in merry olde England, it’s easy to apply these findings to the United States: the outcome of a business deal also depends on how the dealer presents himself after all. When bad teeth are beyond the powers of a simple flossing or brushing, it may be high time for businessmen and employees alike to turn to cosmetic dentistry. This is exactly what is offered by Dr. Sheila Dobee, a family and cosmetic dentist in Fremont, CA.

One of the procedures she offers is called tooth bonding: a process that uses a special light to bond a resin with the tooth to make it perfect again. The procedure is generally painless, affordable, and is even reversible so long as the tooth enamel wasn’t altered in any way while it was having the resin bonded to it. This is something that businessmen would want to have, as their busy schedules often leave them little time to attend to their teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is especially important, as the UK study also reported that smiling at work is one thing business executives look for when evaluating their employees; those who smile tend to have better performance reviews. Other cosmetic procedures on teeth include bleaching (teeth whitening, especially if they’re yellowish) and tooth reshaping (making teeth appear less crooked). Adding veneers can be considered a variant of tooth bonding, only that tiny pieces of porcelain are used in place of resin to obtain a flawless surface.

Having good oral health also has the mundane benefit of not distracting an employee at work with toothaches and gum problems, thus increasing productivity, and improving his over-all well-being and disposition. This is especially true for people who innately have sensitive teeth, because they have difficulty doing simple things like eating. Thankfully, there are people in the United States who can also help with that like Dr. Dobee and other dentists in Fremont, CA.

People can hardly be judged solely on the basis of their oral health; but the benefits of having healthy teeth simply go beyond the things people take for granted. In essence, visiting a dentist can help improve one’s chances of getting promoted at work after all!

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