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Embarrassed about seeing a dentist?

Many patients come to my office and tell me that the reason that they have put off coming to the dentist is that they are embarrassed about the state of their teeth .

Some patients feel that I will judge them . As a dental professional I have seen many patients that have left things so late that in their minds they have reached a point of hopelessness . It is common to feel the following:

– Worried that there is no solution and you may loose all you teeth
– Scared that it will be painful
– Ashamed
– Anxious that it will cost too much to fix.
– It’s going to be the worse teeth I have ever seen.

If you are experiencing any of the above that is completely normal and natural. I never judge and I respect the individual for who they are . The other day I had a patient come in that had not seen a dentist in 25 years. She told me that she had limited funds and that she was very scared. After as little as 4 appointments I gave her a new comfortable smile. She had not smiled in 25 years and now she was healthy and happy. We worked within her budget and she said one line that made me want to write this bog. “If only I met you 25 years ago ” . Of course I did not want to tell her that I would have been 9 years old ( hence not to be trusted with any dental equipment ) ! 🙂

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