Bringing Smiles Back with a Little Help from a Fremont Dental Office

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Bringing Smiles Back with a Little Help from a Fremont Dental OfficeAn article written by Marie McCullough for the website last August 11, 2013 detailed the successful reconstruction of a man’s lower jaw. The patient, Daniel Smith, was a Haitian native suffering from an impairing jaw tumor that could endanger his life. However, thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson University Hospital, as well as donations from various benefactors, he was able to pull through and gain a new set of teeth.

While any Californian would dread losing his teeth, poor oral health among many state residents aggravates conditions which can lead to permanent tooth loss. Of course, brushing alone won’t save teeth when they’re about to come off. Should a couple of molars (or more) come loose, patients can always rely on a Fremont dental office, like Dr. Sheila Dobee’s, to restore missing dentition. Read more…

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Restoring Oral Health with Your Nearest Best Dentist in Fremont, CA

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Last August 13, 2013, the Times Herald-Record featured an article on its website that spoke of how dental implants can improve the health of a patient. Typically considered as cosmetic additions, dental implants help those with damaged or lost teeth appear otherwise. Chewing and talking, which can feel awkward with dentures, can feel much more natural with the use of implants. Their high rate of success among patients makes dental implants an enticing option for those with critically-compromised teeth. Read more…

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Better Dental Coverage in 2015 Means Kids can Further Benefit from the Expertise of a Fremont Dentist

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Superior Child Dental Coverage from a Fremont Dentist Coming 2015Children in California are, unfortunately, not fully covered by the state’s health insurance program, although steps are being taken to change that. Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) reported that the state’s health insurance exchange (Covered California) plans to improve children’s dental coverage in 2015. SCPR also reported that, as of August 2013, more than a million children in the state lack proper dental coverage.

It’s a good thing that people are lobbying for better healthcare since children are arguably more at risk from tooth problems than adults. This is the reason Dr. Sheila Dobee, who operates a Fremont dentist office, also offers high-quality dental services to kids such as veneers, fluoride treatments, and even mouth-guards for the sporty types. After all, it doesn’t take much to damage the teeth of children, unlike their parents. Read more…

Getting Awkward Stares at Work? Try Visiting a Dentist in Fremont, CA

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Getting Awkward StaresSome people may want to refrain from smiling or simply showing their teeth, especially if they want to keep their jobs! According to a UK study published in a Real Business news article, 44 percent of business executives say that they find it hard to promote an employee who has bad teeth and/or breath. Business people themselves don’t fare better, as shown in the study’s findings that 30 percent of these workers don’t floss their teeth before coming to work!

While these studies were made in merry olde England, it’s easy to apply these findings to the United States: the outcome of a business deal also depends on how the dealer presents himself after all. When bad teeth are beyond the powers of a simple flossing or brushing, it may be high time for businessmen and employees alike to turn to cosmetic dentistry. This is exactly what is offered by Dr. Sheila Dobee, a family and cosmetic dentist in Fremont, CA. Read more…

Embarrassed about seeing a dentist?

Many patients come to my office and tell me that the reason that they have put off coming to the dentist is that they are embarrassed about the state of their teeth . Read more…

Welcome to my blog!!

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Welcome to Dr. Sheila Dobee’s blog.

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